July 2011 Catches

Marc Pattison again with an 8 fish haul caught in a 5 day session from the swan point, again on his home made chilli based bollies
1. 26.7 linear
2. 18.2 common
3. 19.8 mirror
4. 29.4 mirror
5. 22.10 common
6. 19.2 mirror

April 2011 Captures

Just a few pics from Scott Loughnane who popped over from Ireland for a few days in April and ended up with this magnificent haul of fish.

In Scott’s own words “Came from Ireland on the 10th of April, blanked for two nights and move into swan point. finished on 10 fish in the 5 nights.
Most a few. But cant win em all” in deed you can’t – enjoy

26lb 12

21lb 4oz
22lb 4oz

Also from April comes these pictures from Marc Pattison,  all these fish were caught in a weeks session, where he had 18 fish in total. All were from jims swim caught on his own home-made fishmeal bollies.

21.10 mirror


25.8 common
21.8 mirror
20.12 mirror
18.11 mirror
31.1 mirror

March 2011 captures

The Season is off to a cracking start with 7 30’s coming out all before the months end. A 36 was taken from the channel in the 3rd week of March really showing that if you are prepared to look for them the fish are not just there, they are very readily catch-able.  It really seems as if the fish have woken up after their slumber and are now on the feed. As soon as we have pictures they will be posted here.

If you were one of the lucky captors drop a mail to us with a picture and we will post it up here.