Mets Lake

The Mets lake is now on day ticket and has a lake record common of 38lb 9oz. It is a beautiful 15 acre lake with lots of islands and secluded bays, all in all, a carp anglers paradise….

From the time you step on the banks, you will adore the lake and it’s peaceful surroundings. Once you start walking around the lake to locate a swim, you will notice that there are many good view points from the high ground. This will enable you to locate the fish.

This beautiful lake offers you the choice of not only fishing on the main part of the lake but also allows you to fish in the privacy of the many bays and lagoons. These are filled with lilies, rushes and many overhanging trees for the carp to get in among.

Since we have had the lake we have had several stockings, taking the total stock to approximately 550 carp some of the earlier stock fish are now well into the 30’s

The Mets complex is also protected by a fence and rivers that prevent the general public entering.

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