Be warned, anyone found leaving rubbish anywhere on the complex will immediately be banned.

Additional rules to prevent Corona Virus spread

  • We are still in a lockdown and 2m spacing must be observed
  • NO congregating in the carpark
  • Stay in own swims

Please note that all plastic and foam imitation baits are banned, this includes pop up corn, foam for zigs or plastic imitation boillies or any other forms of foam or plastic used as a bait. This has been implemented to help protect our fish stocks and wildlife on the complex.

Its your rubbish take it home with you !


1. No litter to be left anywhere on site
2. No unattended rods (Maximum 1 Swim Away)
3. Barbless hooks only (No Crushed Barbs)
4. Safe rigs only (Bailiffs Will Check)
5. Minimum 15Ib line
6. All anglers must have minimum 36″ landing net and mat
7. All fish should be returned to the water as soon as possible. No retaining for long periods
8. No wading and no waders allowed on site.
9. No nuts of any kind
10. Particles must be properly prepared (Bailiffs Will Check)
11. Do not use swims or surrounding area for toilet
12. Maximum 1 hour away from swims
13. Gates must be kept shut at all times
14. Juniors (Under 16) must be accompanied by an adult at all times
15. No firearms of any kind allowed at any time
16. Don’t cut any trees or reeds
17. No dogs or walkers allowed
18. No pike fishing in summer months
19. No fires, though BBQ’s are allowed
20. All fishing carried out at your own risk, all cars and property left on this site at owners risk
21. we do not take and responsibility for loss, theft or damage to property of persons on this fishery.

covid rules

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